Lamphun schools junior cricket

The Hilltribe Fund

The development of Lamphun junior cricket in Thailand is long term project but our aim is to put Lamphun on the junior cricket map. Due to limited manpower will can only have a manageable amount of participating schools, it takes time to teach the technique required to play even a game of Sawasdee cricket. The cricket development in Lamphun will also be down to the support we get from the schools and how many teachers will commit themselves, or any other willing volunteers to help out.

Chiang Mai Cricket Head coach Chris Dodd and the other CMSCA coaches are committed to the future development of cricket in Lamphun. We believe that with continued financial support to assist our programme, cricket will be a permanent fixture in many Lamphun schools for a long time to come.

Junior cricket in Thailand is a growing sport in many regions, we hope to continue that trend and put Lamphun junior cricket on the map. Junior cricket in Chiang Mai has been the backbone of junior cricket in Thailand, especially in Northern Thailand for many years, we hope that Lamphun cricket will also aspire to the highest levels too.


Lamphun Schools Cricket development programme.

Croston House children's home were the first children to play junior cricket in Lamphun, joining the CMSCA cricket programme in 2009, Bansibon Yeun Wangthong were next to join later in the same year, followed by Wat Muangkwak school in 2010, the programme has rapidly expanded during 2011 but now in May 2012 it is been reduced down to a more manageable size.

As from May 2012, the Lamphun junior cricket programme will be at the following Schools:

Alex Schaap at Dreissen - Zodiac Aerospace has kindly agreed to sponsor Junior "Sawasdee" cricket tournaments in Lamphun. Thank you Alex for your support of the cricket programme.


Puy teaching the basics at Muangkwak school and a Sawasdee cricket game at sibonyeun school.

(Left) Jun coaching at Sibonyuen school.(Right) Frankie & Ploy playing their first game at Gymkhana March 2011